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This Website is dedicated to Projects that Frank is working on.

  1. Programming a FPGA using VHDL
  2. Designing a PCB using KiCad with Auto Routing
  3. 8031 Assembly Language Programming Intro
  4. 8031 Assembly Language Programming Simple Examples
  5. How_to_Design_an_Airplane_Configuration_using_an_Excel_Spreadsheet
  6. Using The SDCC "C" Programming Language Compiler on the 8031/8051 Microcontoller
  7. Using The SDCC "C" Programming Language Compiler with In Line Assembly on the 8031
  8. Using the HP1630D Logic Analyzer with the 8031/8051 Micro-Controller to Reverse Engineer its Code
  9. Propellers and Rotors a Simplified Aerodynamic Analysis Method for Airplanes and Helicopters